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Kade Verwey Takes Eighth British Junior Supersport Podium Finish Of 2018 At Thruxton

Kade Verwey added a third and a fourth position finish to his impressive list of 2018 season results to leave #ThruxtonBSB second overall in the British Junior Supersport Championship aboard his XG Racing Kawasaki.

Once again showing front running pace from the very first Free Practice session on Friday, Kade ensured he remains a title contender with another impressive weekend on track.

Involved in a five rider fight for the win in Saturday’s opening encounter; which eventually saw him take his eighth podium finish of the season, the #7 rider rode a solid race to finish fourth today adding a valuable thirteen points to his tally. He lies second overall, only seven points from the lead, ahead of the next round at Silverstone in September.

Kade’s results this weekend are all the more impressive given that it was his debut at the fastest circuit in the UK, one that, even for the Superbike riders, fortunes the brave!

Thanks to his strong early season results, Kade along with several other upcoming British talents have been asked to make on stage appearances at the annual Day of Champions at Silverstone in three weeks.

Kade Verwey:
“Saturday’s race was good. There was a group of five of us at the front. I made a terrible start but just told myself to stay calm. I caught them up, taking the fastest lap of the race at the time despite it being quite slippery because of the heat. Overall it was a good race. I don’t really know how to describe it as it was action all the way but it was really good fun to be part of it. I was happy with the podium but felt I had the pace to win. Today I made another bad start and my pace was about two seconds off yesterday. Once I got up to speed I was lapping as front as the leaders but I left myself too much to do. It was a really lonely race but fourth is good for the championship. I am really happy with the season so far and excited to be taking part in the Day of Champions at the British MotoGP on the 23rd August. It will be great promotion for me but more importantly hopefully raise a lot of money for Two Wheels For Life.”

Photo courtesy of Ian Ward & Bikesportpics


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