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Kade Verwey started racing in 2015 having had no previous riding or racing experience. He finished 9th overall in the Aprilia Superteen championship at his first attempt.

Competing in the series again in 2016, he finished 3rd overall and could have taken the title but for an unfortunate crash mid-season that resulted in a broken ankle.

Kade also contested several rounds of the European Junior Cup, which ran alongside the prestigious FIM Superbike World Championship achieving top 20 results.

2017 saw Kade race within the British Superbike paddock in the KTM Junior Cup. Running a strong 4th overall he unfortunately crashed and broke his elbow whilst training. He achieved 3 podium finishes Despite the injury he still finished 6th overall after missing 7 races.

Additionally, Kade rode a 600cc machine at 3 rounds of the National Sportman Elite Championship and finished 4th overall in the Superteen championship which he raced in for extra on track practice, missing several rounds that clashed with his British Championship commitments.

2018 Kade raced in the British Junior Supersport championship for XG Racing aboard an all new Kawasaki 400cc machine. The series ran once again run as part of the popular BSB series. He will be mentored by former World Superbike runner up Leon Haslam.

2019 saw Kade finishing 2nd overall in the fiercely contested Dickies Junior Supersport Series at British Superbikes. He finished off with an impressive double win at the last round at Brands Hatch.

2020 proved to be a challenge and after the already shortened and condensed season, Kade only managed 3 races until sustaining a bad foot injury at his home round at Silverstone putting him out of the rest of the season. Despite this he still managed a top 15 finish overall.

2021 was a frustrating year for Kade. Despite having front running pace in one of the most competitive seasons ever, luck wasn’t on his side, and he was taken down on multiple occasions by other riders’ incidents. He was fortunate not to get injured and remained positive.

2022 started out slow with a few electronic gremlins hindering Kade’s performance at the first few rounds. His pace was good and once these were sorted out, he managed to finish well in the points. Looking forward to another season on the bike.

2023 didn’t get off to the best start with Kade experiencing ongoing issues with a niggling shoulder injury. Kade decided to take a year and have surgery to allow him back to full fitness for 2024.



>2023 Shoulder surgery to get back to full fitness.


>23rd Overall in the Pirelli National Superstock Championship at British Superbikes. Managing a top 7 finish at Knockhill and several other point finishes in his first season in this competitive class.


> 18th Overall in the Pirelli Junior Superstock Championship at British Superbikes. Luck not on his side albeit his front running pace in the most competitive season this class has seen to date.


> 15th Overall in the Junior Superstock 600 at BSB after sustaining a bad foot injury in round 3, putting him out for the rest of the season.


> 2nd Overall in the 2019 Dickies British Junior Supersport Championship at British Superbikes


> 4th overall in the 2018 Dickies British Junior Supersport Championship at British Superbikes


> 6th overall in Santander Consumer Finance KTM 390 Cup at British Superbikes (BSB)
> 4th Overall in the Thundersport GB Superteen Championship
> Thundersport GB National Sportsman Elite 600’s Championship


> 3rd overall in Thundersport GB Aprilia Superteen Championship
> European Junior Cup (WorldSBK) – best result 20th


> 9th overall in the Thundersport GB Aprilia Superteen Championship

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