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British Junior Supersport Title Will Be Decided At The Final Round - Kade Still In With A Shout Of Glory!

Triple Podium Keeps Kade Verwey In Title Hunt

Three podium finishes in each of the ten lap encounters mean that whatever happens in the season finale at Brands Hatch, Kade is guaranteed second place at worst.

Second in both of Saturday’s races and a third podium of the weekend earlier today, this time taking third, ensures that with a maximum fifty points available in a fortnight, the title is literally ‘winner takes all’.

It has been a stellar season for Kade who took his thirteenth podium of the year at the 2.5-mile Leicestershire circuit, at the pointed end of proceedings throughout.

Kade Verwey:
“I was really happy with how qualifying went. The conditions weren’t the best but P4 and a second-row start was where I needed to be. Race 1 was so frustrating. Pinson made a break because of being in the middle of a fight. I looked back at the splits and this is what cost me any chance of the win. The times were pretty decent, and I did my best to stay at the front of the group giving chase but there was nothing I could so in the end it was another second place. It was a hard race, but I did what I needed to do. I started sixth for Race Two which was a bit more promising. It took a lap or two to get through to the leaders but there was nothing I could do in terms of overall bike speed. I couldn’t even say in the slipstream. Anyway, it was out of my control and I rode to the best of my ability and was able to take another second. Race Three was another race long fight and another podium. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to win but three podiums when I have ridden the way I have is satisfying. It all comes down to Brands Hatch where I’ve gone well before. I will be giving it my all so see you there!”

Photos courtesy of Ian Ward / bikesportpics

Kade Verwey British Junior Supersport Donington

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