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Kade Verwey Wins At Donington And Announces World Championship ‘Wildcard’ Appearance

Kade Verwey kept his season well and truly back on track notching up his first British Junior Supersport victory of the season in an almost perfect Race Two at Donington Park earlier. He had finished fourth in the opening encounter, a few hours earlier.

Verwey, a title contender prior to the 2019 season getting underway, bagged a double podium at Silverstone ensuring his third podium finish in four races after another strong showing aboard his XG Racing Kawasaki around the 1.9 mile ‘National’ circuit.

Race One was reduced to twelve laps after rain began to fall just minutes before the start with Kade leading from the start before eventually finishing a solid fourth.

Race Two was typical Junior Supersport with action aplenty throughout the fifteen laps. Part of the leading group from lights out to the flag Kade rode superbly, responding to the various on track attacks with a series of precise overtakes. Posting his personal fastest lap on the final lap ensured a race winning margin of 0.7 seconds at the flag, and a deficit of only eleven points in the overall championship standings ahead of Round 3 which will take place at Knockhill.

In addition to today’s win, his second win in as many years at the venue, Kade is delighted to announce that he will make his second appearance on the World stage after being accepted as a ‘wildcard’ for the UK round of the FIM Supersport 300cc World Championship which takes place at Donington Park in early July! He will take part in several promotional activities at the Paddock Show during the event and hopes the fans will turn out to cheer him on!

Kade Verwey:
“I am really happy with the weekend, especially that last race. It was a really tough race. I led most of the laps and tried to control it but there were riders lunging everywhere. It was made harder with the weight issue as all the smaller riders just flew past me in a straight line, so I really had to ride smart. I am lost for words to be honest it was a perfect race and I am only eleven points behind in the championship. It felt like I was watching a Moto3 race, it was so hectic but so awesome to be a part of it. It was great to win at Donington like last year, and then be able to announce that I will race in World Supersport 300 for the World Superbike weekend. Hopefully I can carry the momentum forward to the World round and for the rest of the season. It will be tough as there will be more than fifty riders, but I have the experience of last year and a great team around me and hopefully lots of fans will be there to give us that extra boost. Massive thanks to everyone that has helped me get to this point and here’s to more great rides in the races to come.”


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